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How to Get Your China Consulting Practice Compliant?


We provide advice for preparing for compliance and check visits by China’s PSB and other officials.

Exploring Wenzhou, Zhejiang – A Thriving Business Hub for Foreign Investors


As China continues to advance with its economic growth and trade ambitions, it’s a good time to learn about investment opportunities in Wenzhou.

China 2022 Economic Growth – A Breakdown of Provincial GDP Statistics


We break down and analyze the local GDP data of China’s 31 mainland provinces and discuss the growth prospects for 2023.

China-UK Trade and Investment Ties


Mainland China and Hong Kong have been promoting their relations with the UK to increase business and investment opportunities.

China and Hong Kong’s Bilateral Trade and Investment Outlook with Qatar


Qatar has been actively promoting collaboration with both mainland China and Hong Kong to enhance business and investment opportunities.

Shanghai Releases 22 New Stimulus Measures to Boost the Economy


The Shanghai Municipal Government has released a new policy package containing 22 stimulus measures to assist companies and boost the city’s economy.

Eldercare and Childcare in China: New Supportive Measures


We discuss policy measures for the eldercare and childcare industries in China to ease economic hardships for socially important businesses.

Practical Issues in Handling China-Taiwan Trade and Supply Chains


We discuss how to handle China-Taiwan trade in the face of import bans and stricter labeling requirements for imported Taiwanese goods.

Showing 8 of 153 articles
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