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Investing in Jiaxing: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Jiaxing has identified ‘new energy’, ‘new materials’, and ‘energy efficiency and environment protection’ as the core of shifting away from heavier manufacturing.

China’s Provincial GDP in H1 2022: Who Were the Top Performers?


Most of China’s provinces registered growth in GDP in Q2 and H1 2022 despite various headwinds. We look into the top GDP performers and explain what to watch for in the second half of 2022.

Guangzhou: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Guangzhou is a major economic hub in South China. We profile its economy, key industries, and incentives for foreign investors.

Investing in Shenzhen: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Dubbed China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen is a leader in tech and innovation and is one of China’s friendliest cities to foreign investment.

Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #83


Supply chains continue to dominate the changing world of the BRI plus, with events shifting Asia closer to the European Union, including numerous ongoing developments in Central Asia to the borders with China. We look at the recent Chinese strategy in the South Pacific, which had caused such alarm in the West, and examine a […]

China’s Hydrogen Energy Industry: State Policy, Investment Opportunities


The Chinese government has identified hydrogen energy as one of six industries of the future.

The Rare Earths Supply Chain: Why Australia is Getting Serious About Investments


Australia is among countries around the world making long-term investments to internationalize the rare earths supply chain currently dominated by China.

Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #62


We spotlight the RCEP and accessing its tariff benefits, China’s latest negative list, and economic and infrastructure developments among BRI participants.

Showing 8 of 153 articles
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