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The China-Asia Round Up


Apr. 29 – Welcome to China Briefing’s regular review of business news from countries across Asia that also impact upon China trade, investment and Asian subsidiaries. ASEAN Briefing Launched We launched our new ASEAN Briefing website recently, containing an archived library of complimentary downloads, including hundreds of Bilateral Investment Treaties and Double Tax Agreements that […]

Global Impact of a China-Japan-South Korea Free Trade Agreement


By Joshua Gill Jun. 29 – Last month, at the Fifth Trilateral Summit between China, Japan, and South Korea the three countries jointly announced their intent to begin negotiations on a trilateral free trade agreement (FTA) by the end of 2012. The announcement raises questions not only about the impact of the successful negotiation of […]

Why ASEAN Matters For Your China Business


The term “ASEAN” is cropping up more often these days, yet still many businesses in China are unaware of what it is and why it is gaining in importance. The basic answer is fairly simple – free trade across Asia. That means reduced or zero customs duties across a space that includes the 10 ASEAN nations in Southeast Asia, and includes China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

Hedging China – Manufacturing and Selling in India, Vietnam and Myanmar


With several prominent China economists suggesting that China’s growth has flat-lined and given increasing costs in China, there is a need to consider other options. Here is an overview of India, Vietnam and Myanmar and what is happening in these different, yet rapidly-emerging markets.

ASEAN-China Center to Raise Awareness of Free Trade Area


Apr. 27 – In order to promote greater awareness of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), the intergovernmental non-profit organization the “ASEAN-China Center” will be inviting experts in the field of economics and business to give lectures. In an interview with the China Daily, the center’s Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang raised concerns over the fact that […]

ChinaGlare – Has Your China Business Become Too China-Centric?


ChinaGlare (chī-nə glair): When an Asian regional business, financial opportunity or development of similar magnitude to the economic situation of China at point of WTO entry occurs, but is overlooked due to the over-focusing of an individual or business exclusively upon developments within China as an investment market.

China 2012: The Trends Ahead


Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Dec. 13 – Yesterday I looked at budgetary issues for businesses in China and dealt with some of the general perceptions of what could happen over the year, from the impact of the new generation of leaders coming in, to social welfare for foreigners being introduced. The article can be found […]

Dezan Shira Opens Office in Singapore


Oct. 17 – Dezan Shira & Associates, the specialist foreign direct investment advisory firm, has continued their Asian expansion and opened a new office in Singapore. The firm, which began life in China in 1992, provides legal establishment, tax advisory, accounting, due diligence and payroll services to MNCs in China, India and Vietnam. “We are […]

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