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How Should Companies Prepare for the Special VAT E-Fapiao?


We discuss how CFOs in China can prepare for the impact of the wider roll-out of special VAT e-fapiao on their existing procedures and operating systems.

E-Fapiao Compliance Management in China and Regulatory Requirements


We explain how to ensure e-fapiao compliance management for businesses in China that purchase, obtain, transfer, and keep e-fapiao and relevant regulations.

Common Errors in Accounting, Tax, Forex Management of FIEs in China


Foreign invested enterprises in China should note these common errors to optimize their internal finance processes and get the most out of their annual audit.

Annual Audit and Compliance in China: Prepare for 2021 – New Issue of China Briefing Magazine


In this edition of China Briefing Magazine, we walk foreign businesses through the annual audit and compliance process from start to finish.

Chinese Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises: Prepare for Changes in 2021


From January 1, 2021, several new accounting standards regarding revenue, leases, and financial instruments will apply to entities that have adopted CAS.

China’s Internal Control and Audit Regulatory Framework


While relatively young in comparison to guidelines and organizations recognized internationally, China has an evolving regulatory framework for internal control and audit.

New Issue of China Briefing: Internal Control and Audit


This issue of China Briefing is devoted to understanding effective internal control systems in the Chinese context and the role of audits in detecting and preventing fraud.

New Online Compliance Procedures for Foreign Entities in China


All FIEs in China must follow new annual examination guidelines with immediate effect Feb. 24 – All foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) in China are required to participate in the government-conducted 2012 annual cooperative examination which will last from March 1 to June 30 this year. The annual inspection, designed to ensure that FIEs conduct business in compliance with […]

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