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PIPL 2023/24: Cross-Border Data Transfer in China Handbook – New Publication Out Now


This handbook helps explain the key facets of China’s CBDT regime from a business perspective, highlights recent trends and expected developments, and offers practical steps for businesses to consider when planning their compliance approach.

China Moves to Facilitate Cross-Border Data Flows, Hints at Regulatory Easing in 2024


Comments made by EU Commission President suggest China will seek to facilitate cross-border data flows in 2024 by providing more regulatory clarity.

China has a New Plan to Strengthen its Data Economy


A new set of guidelines provides details on building basic data systems in China. We explain their significance for foreign investment.

China Releases First Guidelines for Cross-Border Data Transfer Application


A new set of guidelines provide details on applying for China data export. We explain the procedures and documentation required.

Cross-Border Data Transfer – New Measures Clarify Security Review Requirements


China has released long-awaited measures detailing requirements for security assessments for transferring data out of the country.

Shenzhen’s New Data Regulations Explained


Shenzhen’s data regulations come on the heels of the national Data Security Law and the second revision of the draft Personal Information Protection Law. They cover the collection, storage, and transfer of personal data as well as tackle the under-regulated data trading market.

Personal Data Regulation in China: Personal Information Protection Law, Other Rules Amended


Internet businesses and companies processing personal data in China are advised to track latest regulatory developments supporting data security to remain compliant.

Steps to Protecting Your Company Against Phishing Attacks


We discuss key actions that will help your company increase its data security and protect itself against phishing attacks in China and across Asia.

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