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Obtaining China’s New Unified Foreign Work Permit


China has launched the new unified work permit in select regions across the country, which integrates the foreign work permits – the Z-visa and R-visa – and grades workers on a three tier system. Understand the full application procedure and the requirements for obtaining the new foreign work permit.

China’s New Exit-Entry Law Targets Illegal Foreigners


By Yao Lu Jul. 6 – With the aim of curbing the illegal entry, stay and employment of foreigners as well as clarifying punishments for people who enter, live or work in the country illegally, China’s top legislature, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), concluded its 27th meeting and passed a new […]

Chinese Cities Rise in ECA Cost of Living Report


By Sofia Liska Jun. 28 – This year, Asian cities are once again moving up the ranks of global metropolises in terms of cost of living standards. According to a recent report published by ECA International, Beijing is now the 20th most expensive city in the world for international assignees (up from 48th in 2011) […]

Notice: FBAR Filing Deadline for U.S. Persons Rapidly Approaching


U.S. persons are required by law to report foreign bank accounts to the IRS by Saturday, June 30, or face severe civil or criminal penalties! By Chet Scheltema Jun. 21 – According to the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act, if the aggregate amount in a U.S. person’s foreign accounts exceeds US$10,000 at any time during the […]

China Crackdown on Illegal Employment and Visa Overstays by Foreign Nationals


In a report to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee on April 25, Deputy Minister of Public Security Yang Huanning noted that the government will reinforce its management of foreign nationals who have entered China illegally, have overstayed their allotted time, or who are illegitimately working in the country.

Employers’ Overseas Social Insurance Contributions are IIT Taxable


An employer’s mandatory contributions made to the social welfare schemes in his home country, such as social security and medicare, should be treated as taxable income for IIT purposes.

China’s Ex-Expats: Emerging Asia Beckons


It seems likely that this coming Christmas will see the end of many China expatriates’ careers in China. Nervous of the recently introduced, and fairly high, mandatory social welfare contributions for foreigners, employers are cutting back on non-essential foreigners, and localizing these positions. However, if returning home isn’t either a viable or interesting option, the good news is that there are plenty of other opportunities elsewhere in Asia.

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