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China’s Green Building Materials Sector: Policies and Investment Opportunities


We discuss the opportunities for foreign investment as China aims to meet high environmental standards and serve ambitious climate-conscious goals.

China’s Green Industries: What are the Opportunities for Foreign Investors?


In this article, we investigate some of the highlighted industries that offer new opportunities to foreign investors by reviewing market trends, China’s green and low-carbon plans, and the country’s foreign investment policies.

What is China’s Green and Low-Carbon Plan and Why is it Relevant to Foreign Investors?


In this article, we present an overview of China’s green and low-carbon plans and explain their relevance for foreign investors.

China’s Circular Economy: Understanding the New Five Year Plan


Beijing is prioritizing the development of China’s circular economy, with planned goals to maximize resource use and the lifecycle of products.

China Unveils Its 12th Five-year Plan on Environmental Protection


In the pursuit of a more environmentally friendly economy, the Chinese government has recently laid out a blueprint on pollution reduction goals between 2011 and 2015. Experts believe the new plan will shift the future investment focus in China from infrastructure development to “green” projects.

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