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What to Know Before Quitting Your Job in China – Guide for Foreign Employees


We explain the various procedures foreign workers need to complete before terminating employment in China.

Digital Recruitment in China: Definition, Strategies, and Best Practices


We discuss how digital recruitment practices optimize candidate selection and HR processes, and can be leveraged by China-based firms.

Employees Leave Management in Guangdong: New Regulations


We address FAQs on the updated regulation on employees leave management in Guangdong, effective retrospectively from July 1, 2023.

Guangdong’s Permanent Residence Application: Eligibility and Process


In this article, we explain China’s permanent residence policies with a focus on the eligibility and application process in Guangdong province.

Shifting Attitudes and Expectations for Work in China’s Post-Pandemic Era


We discuss how companies can navigate changes in the Chinese work culture and employee expectations in the aftermath of COVID-19.

China’s Average Wages – Trends and Implications for Businesses


Average salaries in China have more than doubled over the last decade, but the stats vary greatly from industry to industry, and the gap between private and non-private sector pay is widening.

Understanding How Employers Can Implement the Special Work Hour Systems in China


Adopting flexible or comprehensive work hour systems in China requires complying with local regulations. Dezan Shira & Associates’ Kelly Xu explains eligibility, approvals, and employee rights.

China’s Changing Labor Market – Trends and Future Outlook


We look at the latest statistics on China’s labor force and discuss trends, shifting demographics, and changing attitudes among workers.

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