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Shifting Attitudes and Expectations for Work in China’s Post-Pandemic Era


We discuss how companies can navigate changes in the Chinese work culture and employee expectations in the aftermath of COVID-19.

China Annual (One-Off) Bonus: What is the Income Tax Policy Change?


We explain the preferential income tax treatment on annual bonus for some tax residents in China (including expatriate staff) – now extended to end of 2027.

China’s Average Wages – Trends and Implications for Businesses


Average salaries in China have more than doubled over the last decade, but the stats vary greatly from industry to industry, and the gap between private and non-private sector pay is widening.

China’s Changing Labor Market – Trends and Future Outlook


We look at the latest statistics on China’s labor force and discuss trends, shifting demographics, and changing attitudes among workers.

Childcare Leave in China (Last Updated on March 24, 2023)


This article offers an overview of childcare leave policy in China, summarizes its recent developments in China’s different regions, and explains how childcare leave will be implemented in practice.

How to Prevent and Deal with Corruption in Your China Business 


Commercial corruption can be a serious crime. We discuss China’s legislation on commercial corruption and offer advice on preventing acts of fraud, embezzlement, and bribery in China-based businesses.

Can Employers in China Unilaterally Request Employees to Use Paid Leaves during the Period of COVID-19 Prevention and Control?


We discuss the issue using a case study and with references to existing laws and regulations.

IIT Subsidy Application in the Greater Bay Area: FAQs for 2021


We answer the most frequently asked questions about the IIT subsidy application process in China’s Greater Bay Area – updated for 2021.

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