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Preparing for the Year of the Dragon: HR Strategies and Travel Trends During Chinese New Year 2024


From arranging additional leave to issuing annual bonuses, here’s how HR teams can prepare for the eight-day Chinese New Year holiday.

Greater Bay Area Preferential IIT Subsidy for Foreign Talent in 2023/24


Zhuhai’s application deadline is January 5, 2024. Zhaoqing will close applications on January 20, 2024. Guangzhou’s application will end on February 29, 2024. Jiangmen and Zhongshan’s applications are yet to start.

China Raises IIT Special Additional Deduction Standards on Three Expenses


China’s cabinet has raised IIT pre-tax deduction standards on expenses related to childcare, education, and elderly support.

China’s IIT Special Additional Deductions: An Explainer


China has implemented special additional deductions under the new IIT Law since 2019, and now it decided to raise the deduction standards on expenses for raising and educating kid and supporting elderly.

Applying for the Preferential Individual Income Tax Policy for High-End and In-Demand Talent in Hengqin, Zhuhai


The Hengqin Cooperation Zone in Zhuhai, Guangdong has released a guide to applying for the preferential IIT policy for high-end and in-demand talent.

Hengqin Cooperation Zone Releases Catalogue of Industries Encouraged for Investment


China’s macro planner has released a new list of 185 industries that are encouraged for investment in the Hengqin Cooperation Zone of the Greater Bay Area.

China Annual IIT Reconciliation – Your Tax Refund FAQs Answered


We answer frequently asked questions by expatriates on annual IIT reconciliation, when does it apply, and eligibility for tax refunds in China.

How Can Expats Complete Annual Individual Income Tax Reconciliation in China?


We discuss the methods of tax settlement available to expats completing their annual IIT reconciliation in China.

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