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China’s Copyright Law Amended: Key Changes


We discuss key changes to China’s Copyright Law to make it more consistent with other legal reforms; the new amendment will come in effect June 1, 2021.

Creating a Web Startup in China – The Yunio Way


Not many foreigners are brave enough to start a company in China, especially an internet business. Willing to try are the people of Yunio (云诺), who have created a cloud storage service much like Dropbox, but with an advantage the competition doesn’t have: access to the Chinese market.

China Releases 12th Five-Year Plan for Trade in Electromechanical and High-Tech Products


China’s Ministry of Commerce released “The 12th Five-Year Plan for the Import and Export of Electromechanical and High-tech products” on June 4 to accelerate the evolution of the country’s current foreign trade structure and economic development model.

Injecting Machinery and IP into China as Registered Capital


All foreign investors know that setting up in China requires capital. What is less well-known in the case of establishing wholly foreign-owned enterprises and joint ventures is the recognition that not all of the registered capital requirement needs to be in cash. In fact, up to 70 percent of it can be injected in the form of alternative assets such as plant and machinery, intellectual property, and so on.

Planning Your Trademark Strategy for China


Mitigating against infringement is now relatively easy and inexpensive Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Mar. 26 – One of the most common topics that I get asked about when lecturing on China business issues relates to the subject of trademarks in the country. Questions typically range from mitigating risk, to procedural issues, and questions as to […]

Trademark Registration in China


China trademark application procedures explained in full Feb. 16 – The on-going Proview-Apple trademark case over the rights to the iPad name continues to rumble on in China, provoking much commentary about the security of trademark registrations in the country. The Proview case aside, which is likely to be something of a one-off, the registration […]

Translation vs. Transliteration in Converting Brand Names to Chinese


Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Oct. 7 – An important aspect of any foreign company investing in China is how to present the company name and any associated brands while in the country. This matters, as it is mandatory for all company names, whether in English or any other language, to be converted into Chinese. For […]

China’s GAC Announces New Regulations on IPR Protection


On September 25, 2011, China’s General Administration of Customs issued an announcement specifying matters related to protection of intellectual property rights.

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