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Shanghai Issues Guidelines on Wage Increases for 2012


The Shanghai government issued a notice on May 21, specifying the government’s suggested 2012 wage increases for enterprises in Shanghai.

China Minimum Wage Update


Update (January 28, 2013): See our most recent – and more comprehensive – article on China’s minimum wage levels by clicking here. By Julia Gu May 25 – Recently, soaring costs in China’s traditional manufacturing clusters, including land prices, tightening environmental regulations, and wage overheads, have been posing challenges for manufacturers. The Chinese government is […]

China 2012: The Trends Ahead


Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Dec. 13 – Yesterday I looked at budgetary issues for businesses in China and dealt with some of the general perceptions of what could happen over the year, from the impact of the new generation of leaders coming in, to social welfare for foreigners being introduced. The article can be found […]

China 2012: Strong Growth Forecast, No Inherent Problems


China next year – changes and trends (part one of a two-part article) Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Dec. 12 – Our firm, Dezan Shira & Associates has just finished our initial draft budgeting for 2012, and although some tweaking still needs to be carried out, the initial prognosis for the coming year seems positive. Our […]

Cap on Employer Portion of Welfare Contributions May Be Removed


The cap on the amounts paid as contributions to social welfare funds by employers on behalf of their workforce may be removed, if recent policies enacted in Dalian are to be implemented nationally.

China Expat Mandatory Welfare Payments – FESCO’s Expectations


Oct. 17 – Although the government has yet to release the full implementation rules for the inclusion of expatriates into China’s social welfare scheme, there have been a number of pointers issued by various government departments as to likely ways in which this could be resolved. Beijing FESCO, for example, has released information suggesting that […]

Social Insurance Law Implementation Differences across China


By Adam Livermore Oct. 7 – As experienced China-watchers will be aware, the real challenge for the Chinese government comes in implementation of laws. The new Social Insurance Law and the inclusion of foreigners in the country’s social insurance system is no exception. Although the law was promulgated in October 2010 and actually came into […]

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