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Top Recruitment Strategies in China in the Post-COVID Era


Talents are critical resources for companies of all sizes in the post-COVID era. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to know the right recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates.

How to Make Your Business in China an Attractive Workplace for Gen Z


As Gen Z workers appear to be at the center of the ‘Great Resignation’, we look at key workplace motivators that would make them successful hires.

Human Resources and Payroll in China 2022 – New Publication from China Briefing


This 9th Edition of Human Resources and Payroll in China, updated for 2022, covers key compliances related to HR, payroll, data security, and data privacy.

Recruiting in China After COVID-19: HR Planning and Talent Acquisition for SMEs


As China recovers from COVID-19 induced stress, we discuss how foreign-invested firms can make changes to their HR planning and recruitment arrangements.

China Labor Market: Hiring Costs, Job Preferences, Talent Acquisition


We highlight key aspects of China’s labor market in 2019, including labor costs, job preferences, talent shortages, and relaxation of hukou limits.

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