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Shenzhen Implements New Rules on Commercial Registration, More Friendly to FDI


Shenzhen SEZ’s new Rules clarify matters related to incorporation and dormancy, licensing procedures, and a green channel for Hong Kong and Macao investors.

Investment Opportunities in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area


We discuss the incentives for foreign businesses to invest in Shenzhen, including key subsidy schemes and the region’s industrial growth priorities.

Shenzhen Announces Comprehensive Pilot Reforms Plan amid 40th SEZ Anniversary


As Shenzhen SEZ marks 40 years of growth and innovation to transform into a megalopolis, more comprehensive pilot reforms are expected in the next five years.

Taxation on Real Estate Rental Income in China


Including city-specific details on Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Feb. 7 – Both Chinese nationals and a foreign individuals are subject to a combination of taxes on real estate rental income: including individual income tax (IIT), business tax (BT), property tax (PT), urban maintenance and construction tax (UMCT) and an education surcharge (ES). If simply left […]

Foreign Investors Should Be Aware of Labor Strike Tactics in China


By Vivian Ni Nov. 29 – Increasing labor costs have become a major concern for foreign companies mulling whether or not to invest in China, but this may not be the only labor-related issue they should be watching out for. As the recent global economic downturn brings about falling factory orders, an abundance of young, […]

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