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Shadow Banking Poses Hidden Risks to China’s Financial Sector


By Cindy Tse Dec. 1 – Concerns over China’s overextended debt are being amplified by persistent warnings of a looming fiscal crisis from China’s massive “shadow” financing market. This aptly named financing market is generally understood to be “gray” credit extended through informal or non-banking channels. Shadow lending can come in a variety of forms […]

China to Exempt Small Businesses From 22 Fees


In a move to substantially reduce the financial burdens on the country’s micro and small-sized enterprises (MSEs), China recently announced that MSEs would be exempt from 22 types of administrative fees.

China’s Silent Nationalization By Stealth


Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Nov. 9 – As China Inc. battles with a stubbornly high inflation rate of 6 percent, a global slowdown in orders from its manufacturing base, an increasingly austere credit environment, and significant rises in labor costs, it goes without saying that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing some tough times. […]

Financial Institutions Eligible for Stamp Duty Exemptions


Following the Chinese State Council’s call for providing more financial support to cash-strapped small enterprises under the country’s tightening monetary environment, the State Administration of Taxation and Ministry of Finance recently co-issued a new circular that will grant favorable tax treatment to financial institutions when they offer loans to small enterprises.

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