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How to Ensure Successful ERP Implementation in China?


Successful ERP implementation hinges on cultivating precise expectations, a profound grasp of business essentials, and a meticulous plan, while enlisting a capable implementer and employing shrewd end-user strategies to unleash the system’s transformative power.

All Apps and Mini Programs to be Registered by End of March 2024 – A Quick Guide 


As the deadline approaches, we explain the required procedures for apps and mini programs in China to register with the industry regulator.

China’s Debut in the Metaverse: Trends to Watch (Updated)


Chinese tech companies are hopping on the metaverse trend – but how much potential is there? Here’s what to watch in the metaverse in China.

Investing in Shenzhen: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Dubbed China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen is a leader in tech and innovation and is one of China’s friendliest cities to foreign investment.

China’s Cloud Computing Market: Developments and Opportunities for Foreign Players


China’s cloud computing market is the fastest-growing in the world. We discuss how the industry is developing and the opportunities available for foreign businesses.

China Eases its Crackdown on the Technology Sector: Recent Developments


Is China’s technology sector out of the regulatory woods? We look at the signs and discuss the outcomes of recent meetings and language spoken by policymakers.

The Chinese Tech Whitelist – Is China Trying to Replace Foreign Technology?


A Bloomberg report says China is formulating a Chinese tech whitelist to replace foreign tech, which China denies. We discuss what we know so far.

China’s Mobile Apps Market


This report explores the market potential for investing in the mobile telephone applications (apps) industry in China, following government reports last week that mobile phones have trumped personal computers as the choice device for internet access in the country. The report includes a consumer analysis, a discussion of challenges firms entering the industry may face, […]

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