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Wage Growth in China in 2020: How to Read the Latest Data


Wage growth in China continues, although at a slightly slower pace, as per 2020 data. We look at what the numbers are measuring and break down key trends.

How Does an FIE in China Become Criminally Liable for not Paying Wages?


Most foreign investors may not be aware of it, but as of 2011, employers in China may face prison sentences for not paying their staff. While some conditions need to be met before an employer is held criminally liable, understanding this law is important to keep in mind in case a company runs into financial troubles, or when a company leaves China without paying its employees.

Shenzhen Issues 2012 Salary Guide


Jul. 13 – The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Insurance recently issued the “Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources Market Salary Guide (2012) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Salary Guide’).” The data in the Salary Guide is based on random surveys of employees across different industries in the city. Shenzhen’s overall high, median and low monthly […]

China Releases 2011 Statistics for HR and Social Security Development


China recently released a statistical bulletin outlining the country’s employment, social security, human resource, and public service conditions in the year 2011.

China Minimum Wage Update


Update (January 28, 2013): See our most recent – and more comprehensive – article on China’s minimum wage levels by clicking here. By Julia Gu May 25 – Recently, soaring costs in China’s traditional manufacturing clusters, including land prices, tightening environmental regulations, and wage overheads, have been posing challenges for manufacturers. The Chinese government is […]

Average Wages and Social Security Caps for Cities across China


Mar. 27 – Social security in China is a complex topic because although it is based upon guidelines issued by the central government, the specifics and administration of the system is managed at the local level. This is the only practical method in a country as diverse as China, as any rigid system defining specific […]

Minimum Wage Levels Across China


The Chinese government, as a matter of national policy, has been increasing minimum wage levels by 15 percent to 25 percent annually for the past three years. How this is manifesting itself is an interesting case study, and we offer some interesting graphics to help visualize the current situation.

Calculating Overtime Payments in China


Feb. 15 – Doling out overtime payments can be expensive for employers. With regards to paying overtime in China, employees are grouped into three categories working under different systems – the standard work hour system, the comprehensive work hour system, and the non-fixed work hour system. The standard work hour system requires that an employee’s […]

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