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China Reopening After COVID: Latest Developments and Business Advisory


Our daily updates on the latest events as they occur, together with ongoing advisory on how best to manage your China business exposure during COVID-19.

2022 Chinese New Year: How Foreign Businesses Should Prepare in the COVID Context


We discuss how the 2022 Chinese New Year festival period could be impacted by COVID-related developments and how foreign businesses can prepare in advance.

China’s Travel Restrictions due to COVID-19: An Explainer


China is starting to relax international travel restrictions, and has updated its guidelines and restrictions in order to effectively contain the virus spread after economic reopening.

China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Availability


Going by China’s COVID-19 vaccine development, vaccines are expected to be manufactured and exported in 2021, with many countries already having signed on.

Managing Your China Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Our daily coverage of the coronavirus in China, together with advisory on how best to manage your China business exposure – updated till April 30, 2020.

The US-China Trade War: A Timeline


Here, we look at the major events of the US-China trade war and what led up to it.

China’s Support Policies for Businesses Under COVID-19: A Comprehensive List


A consolidated list of China’s supporting policies for businesses under the COVID-19 outbreak that offer critical tax, legal, and financial incentives.

COVID-19 Travel Ban Series: How to Pay Your Foreign Employees Out of China


We explain how a Chinese employer can remit an employee’s salary into their overseas bank account and key compliance and salary package considerations.

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