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China Reopening After COVID: Latest Developments and Business Advisory


Our daily updates on the latest events as they occur, together with ongoing advisory on how best to manage your China business exposure during COVID-19.

Hong Kong Lifts Mandatory Hotel Quarantine for Inbound Travelers – What to Know Before You Go


Hong Kong has lifted hotel quarantine for all inbound travelers – we explain the new rules for testing and self-monitoring.

China’s Economic Stimulus Explained – Understanding China’s Monetary and Fiscal Policy


We explain how China is reaching into its monetary and fiscal toolbox to once again stimulate the economy in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns.

China’s Latest Corporate Income Tax Update for Six Items: Q&A


China has clarified CIT treatment on six items, including COVID-19 charitable donations, convertible bonds, art assets, and cross-border hybrid investments.

Restructuring Your China Company to Survive, Stabilize, and Succeed


In the context of China’s continued growth story despite COVID-19, we look at how businesses invested in the region can strategize to survive and succeed.

China’s US Embassy to Accept Non-Chinese Vaccine Records: Will This Impact China’s Entry Policy?


China’s US Embassy to accept non-Chinese vaccine records. But this doesn’t really affect China’s entry policy under COVID.

China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Availability


Going by China’s COVID-19 vaccine development, vaccines are expected to be manufactured and exported in 2021, with many countries already having signed on.

The Social and Economic Impact of COVID-19 on China and its Recovery Potential


Adam Livermore, Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates shares his thoughts on how China has been recovering from the COVID-19 lockdown and its economic fallout

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