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2012 China Investment, Operational and Budget Tips


Op-ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Nov. 1 – Getting a handle on budgets for China businesses in 2012 is proving to be a headache this year, as so much is hanging in the balance. In emerging markets such as China, it is difficult enough already to cater for the inevitable bumps along the road, preparing for […]

China 2012 Budgets – The Uncertainty Factor Creeps Back


Labor cost evaluations the huge bugbear in planning for 2012 Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Oct. 24 – One of the main problems facing businesses in China today remains the uncertainty factor. Getting that out of China’s commercial creed is proving a tough nut to crack, and before he upped sticks from Beijing to become a […]

Cap on Employer Portion of Welfare Contributions May Be Removed


The cap on the amounts paid as contributions to social welfare funds by employers on behalf of their workforce may be removed, if recent policies enacted in Dalian are to be implemented nationally.

Social Insurance Law Implementation Differences across China


By Adam Livermore Oct. 7 – As experienced China-watchers will be aware, the real challenge for the Chinese government comes in implementation of laws. The new Social Insurance Law and the inclusion of foreigners in the country’s social insurance system is no exception. Although the law was promulgated in October 2010 and actually came into […]

Added Employee Costs to Hurt Dalian-Based Companies


By Adam Livermore Oct. 3 – A couple of weeks ago we reported some details of the recent announcement by the Dalian Social Insurance Bureau concerning changes to the calculation base for contributions by employers. We summarize the most important points here: The basis for calculation of the company contribution will be the total previous […]

Supplimental employee heating charges hit investors in Liaoning


The northeast of China is entering the cold winter period, and at this time of year families have to pay their winter heating charge, which generally amounts to over RMB1,000 per household – a considerable amount considering the official average wage in Dalian is only RMB1,836 per month. In the past, this charge was generally paid […]

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