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PIPL 2023/24: Cross-Border Data Transfer in China Handbook – New Publication Out Now


This handbook helps explain the key facets of China’s CBDT regime from a business perspective, highlights recent trends and expected developments, and offers practical steps for businesses to consider when planning their compliance approach.

GDPR Versus PIPL – Key Differences and Implications for Compliance in China


How different are Chinese and European data regulations? We compare the requirements under the PIPL vs GDPR and discuss steps for companies to be compliant.

Personal Data Regulation in China: Personal Information Protection Law, Other Rules Amended


Internet businesses and companies processing personal data in China are advised to track latest regulatory developments supporting data security to remain compliant.

China’s Personal Information Protection Law: Compliance Considerations from an IT Perspective


We discuss how businesses can prepare ahead to ensure data privacy compliance once the law is effective.

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