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Investing in Beijing: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, and the country’s political and cultural center. We profile its economy, infrastructure, and policy initiatives.

Investing in Shanghai: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Shanghai is mainland China’s commercial capital and most populous city. In this article, we profile Shanghai’s economy, key industries, guiding policies, and incentives.

Hainan Free Trade Port Law: Building a Law-Based Business Environment


China’s Hainan Free Trade Port Law will facilitate market reform policies to develop and open up Hainan Island and enhance long-term investor confidence.

Preferential Zones and Investment Hubs in China’s Greater Bay Area


We break down the development plans, industrial clusters, incentive zones, and emerging competitive regions located in China’s Greater Bay Area.

Shenzhen Implements New Rules on Commercial Registration, More Friendly to FDI


Shenzhen SEZ’s new Rules clarify matters related to incorporation and dormancy, licensing procedures, and a green channel for Hong Kong and Macao investors.

China’s Vision 2035: From Beijing’s Forbidden City to Interconnected Eurasian Megacity


China views its developing megacities, trade partnerships, shift towards consumption growth, and capacity for value-add manufacturing as key to its rise as a moderately prosperous nation by 2035.

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