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China, India and Emerging Asia Tax Rates Compared


Complimentary issue of China Briefing examines tax rates across Asia Dec. 9 – The new December issue of China Briefing has been made available for complimentary download and features a comprehensive overview and comparisons of tax rates across Asia. Focusing on comparisons of corporate income tax, value-added tax, goods and service tax, standard tax on […]

New Issue of China Briefing: The Asia Tax Comparator


Asia Briefing devotes this issue of China Briefing to providing a practical comparison of taxation throughout Asia. In particular, this issue takes a look at the taxes most applicable to foreign businesses and individuals in Asia, i.e., corporate income tax, value-added tax, goods and service tax, standard tax on dividends and individual income tax.

Singapore as a Holding Domicile for Your China Operations


Singapore doesn’t usually come onto the radar for most folks when it comes to holding China investments, but in the changing dynamics of emerging Asia, that is beginning to change. While the use of holding companies to own foreign-invested China businesses has long been corporate practice, these have tended to concentrate on Hong Kong and, in the past, other offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands or similar exotic domiciles.

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