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State by State: China and Connecticut Trade


Though the third smallest state in the U.S., Connecticut has the country’s highest per capita income. Manufacturing is Connecticut’s largest industry after finance and insurance. In 2014, China was Connecticut’s firth largest export market, with exports totaling US$880 million.

State by State: China and Pennsylvania Trade


Trade between Pennsylvania and China remains strong, despite exports dropping between 2013 and 2014. Pennsylvanian exports to China between 2005 and 2014 experienced growth of 159 percent. Learn more about the trade and economic relationships between Pennsylvania and China here.

State by State – China and Ohio Trade


With the seventh highest GDP in the nation, the state of Ohio is a significant player within the United State’s agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors. Ohio’s GDP totaled US%583.4 billion in 2014, an increase of over US$130 billion in the past decade. The state’s primary industries include finance, insurance, and real estate, which together account […]

State by State: China and Arizona Trade


China, one of Arizona’s top trade partners and leading export destinations, is also a top source of the state’s foreign direct investment. In 2014, the exports from Arizona to China reached up to US$1.02 billion, making China the state’s 4th largest trading partner.

State by State: China and Virginia Trade


Virginia and China have developed a highly interdependent trade and investment relationship over the recent decades. Virginia’s developed agricultural economy presents vast opportunities for continued trade with China.

State by State: China and New York State Trade


In this article, we look into the economic relationship between New York and China. New York State is increasingly reliant on China as a consumer of services and manufactured goods. In 2014, New York exported approximately US$4 billion to China, making it the state’s sixth largest export market.

State by State: China and California Trade


California has the world’s eighth-largest economy, overtaking Italy with a GDP of US$ 2.31 trillion in 2014. With the state’s decision to reopen its trade office in Shanghai, California companies interested in expanding their operations will be able to find huge opportunities in China’s emerging industries.

State by State: China and Michigan Trade


With 23 percent of U.S. vehicles produces in Michigan, the state is a major player in the global automotive market. China is the third-largest export market of Michigan. In 2014, the state’s export to China reached US$3.4 billion.

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