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China Clarifies Tax Collection Issues Under Nationwide Tax Reform


China released the “Announcement on Issues Concerning the Administration of Tax Collection under the Nationwide Business Tax (BT) to Value-Added Tax (VAT) Pilot Conversion” on July 10, which clarifies several tax collection issues under the nationwide VAT reform. Detailed information can be found here.

How to Conduct Business in China Without Paying Tax


Many international corporations successfully trade and effectively ‘do business’ with China without the need to establish a permanent presence in the country. However, there remains a number of issues to be aware of to make sure that firstly, you don’t cross the barrier into “illegally” operating, and secondly, when the right time arises to consider an investment into the country in terms of funding an office.

China Offers Zero Tariff Treatment on 95 Percent of Tax Items Imported from 29 Countries


Jul. 10 – The General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China promulgated GAC Announcement [2013] No.34 on July 1, 2013, which offers zero tariff treatment on 95 percent of tax items (7,831 tax items) imported from 29 least developed countries that have established diplomatic relations with China.

Supplimental employee heating charges hit investors in Liaoning


The northeast of China is entering the cold winter period, and at this time of year families have to pay their winter heating charge, which generally amounts to over RMB1,000 per household – a considerable amount considering the official average wage in Dalian is only RMB1,836 per month. In the past, this charge was generally paid […]

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