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Trading Opportunities Available Under the RCEP


The RCEP agreement creates a free trade arrangement between ASEAN and Asia-Pacific nations, providing new trading opportunities through tariff reduction, new rules of origin, and trade facilitation measures.

China BITs: How to Use Investment Agreements


China’s Ministry of Commerce released a new guide to help companies understand bilateral investment treaties (BIT). We offer an overview of the guide and explain what rights investors enjoy under a China BIT.

European Parliament Votes to Freeze the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment


EU and China trade and investment partnerships have been growing steadily, and the status of the CAI will not affect that momentum.

EU-China Investment Deal in Doubt, Businesses Caught in Geopolitical Crossfire


Rising geopolitical tensions over longstanding issues may jeopardize efforts to strengthen EU-China investment ties as the EU’s CAI review has been halted.

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