This Week’s China Plus – Wednesday, May 26

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HEADLINES: China and Central Asia Trade Potential / Australian Wine Opportunities in Vietnam / Russian Investment Opportunities in ASEAN / EU-India Free Trade / Italian Trade Opportunities in India / Belarus Flight Incident: Trade Analysis / EU-Belt & Road Freight Rail Increases   

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China and Central Asia: Regional Trade and Investment Relationships

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has called upon China and Central Asian countries to explore a new style of regional cooperation and build a community with a shared future. We look at what this means and where opportunities are. 

Vietnam’s Wine Industry and Opportunities for Australian Investors

As Australian wine is now subject to higher Chinese tariffs, we highlight the reasons why Vietnam is a strong contender for Australian wine producers looking to diversify their market.

Opportunities for Russian Investors in ASEAN

Russia became part of the ASEAN Regional Forum in 1995 and became a full dialogue partner in 1996. Each ASEAN country presents its own unique investment opportunities to Russian businesses, ranging from exports of military hardware to wheat to high-tech manufacturing. Two-way trade between ASEAN and Russia reached US$18.2 billion in 2019. We examine the trends. 

Can We Expect an India-EU Free Trade Agreement?

India-EU FTA prospects are looking up as new geopolitical realities are pushing India and the European Union to get closer by facilitating easier trade and investment.

India-Italy Trade and Investment: Opportunities to Note

India and Italy have inked 15 agreements covering trade and investment, shipbuilding and energy, high technology, clean energy and energy sector development, infrastructure, and food processing.

The Belarus Flight Diversion Incident and Impact on EU, Russia, China, and Belt & Road Supply Chains

Our analysis of the why this happened, the regional trade implications and impact on China’s BRI investments in Belarus.

European Rail Cargo Operators Reporting 100% Plus Increases for Belt & Road Rail Freight

Austria’s Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has stated it transported 70,000 TEUs across the Belt and Road routes during 2020, while the EU’s Metrans shipped about 30,000 TEU’s, with the company operating 913 trains in 2020 – over double that the previous year.

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