Xinjiang and Tibet Raise Minimum Wages

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Jul. 28 – Xinjiang and Tibet have raised their minimum monthly and hourly wages, according to regional authorities.

The minimum monthly wages in Xinjiang now range from RMB640 to RMB960 across different regions – an increase of 24.6 percent on average. The adjusted minimum hourly wage ranges from RMB6 to RMB8.80. The adjusted minimum wages are retroactive to June 1, 2010 and any work done after that date should reflect these new minimum standards.

Similarly, Tibet has also increased its monthly minimum wages to a range between RMB630 to RMB730, up 35 percent from the previous levels. The increased minimum hourly wages vary from RMB5.50 to RMB6.50 and are effective July 1, 2010.

China introduced the minimum wage in 1993 and its levels are set by local governments across the country’s 32 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions.

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