Beijing Map

Beijing, formerly known as Peking, is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. Situated in the north, neighbor to Tianjin and Hebei provinces, Beijing is the largest city in China after Shanghai and one of the most populous cities in the world. A popular tourist destination, the city is has sixteen districts and over 3000 years of history. 

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  • Area: 16410.54 km2
  • Population: 21,148,000
  • GDP:  USD 1,950,060 million

Source: China 2014 Statistical Yearbook (uses 2013 statistics)


  • Primary Industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 15,020 million (0.8 percent)
  • Secondary Industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 405,930 million (22.7 percent)
  • Tertiary Industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 1,366,990 million (76.5 percent)
  • Total: RMB 1,787,940 million
  • Total retail sales of consumer goods: RMB 770,281.67 million
  • Total value of imports and exports: US$ 408,107.35 million
  • Fixed Investment: RMB 646,281.34 million

Source: China 2013 Statistical Yearbook (uses 2012 statistics)


  • Minimum monthly wage: RMB 1400 
  • Minimum hourly wage: RMB 15.2
  • Avg. Housing Rent Price: RMB 61.8/m2
  • Avg. Housing Purchase Price: RMB 115/m2

Sources: Local Labor Bureau and Social Insurance Bureau (2013)


The Beijing Capital International Airport is 26 kilometres from downtown Beijing and is the largest airport in China. The airport has three terminals dealing with both domestic and international flights. Terminal 3 is a massive 244 acres and terminal 2 alone handles over 26 million passengers a year.


There are four main railway stations in Beijing: Beijing Railway Station (for the north and east of the city), Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station. Beijing West Railway Station is the largest railway terminal in Asia. Other stations include Beijing East and Fengtai Railway station. Furthermore, a high-speed railway system runs between Beijing and Tianjin and bullet trains connect Beijing with Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and Qingdao.


Nine expressways pass through Beijing including Badaling, Jingcheng, Jingtong, Jingha, Jingshen, Jingtai and Jingshi. However, there are plans for many more including connecting Beijing with Shanghai, Kunming and even Taipei.


The Beijing subway system has 17 lines as well as an airport express line to Beijing Capital International Airport. The cost of the subway rose in December 2014, following the introduction of new lines. The system now calculates costs by determining the length of the journey. 

Beijing is considered the cultural capital of China. Consequently, the city is home to many of China’s most renowned sights including Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Since Beijing is home to a total of 82 universities and colleges with 550,000 students and staff, investment in education is rife. In addition, Beijing is also home to China’s largest science and technology research bodies.

Beijing Central Business District

Beijing’s  Central  Business  District  (CBD), located in Chaoyang District, covers 3.99 square kilometers and is home to more than 20,000 enterprises, 1,000 financial service providers and leading media organizations. Often referred to as Beijing’s Wall Street, the CBD was able to secure investments from many international companies with its good investment environment, convenient transportation and a high-speed telecommunications system. More than 150  Fortune  500  companies  including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung have established offices in the CBD. Office towers, hotels, first-class apartments and multiple service organizations involved in finance, IT and intermediary service industries make it the city’s biggest and most rapidly developing economic area.

The CBD has developed four key business areas – the China World Trade Center Area, the Chaowai Area, the Lufthansa Area, and the Asia Games Area. The China World Trade Center Area is where Jianguomenwai (the eastern extension of Beijing’s premier avenue) intersects the East third Ring Road. It is one of the most modern and prosperous economic areas in Beijing. The Chaowai and Lufthansa business areas, near many embassies, have many office towers and financial organizations.

After the 2008 Olympics, the CBD has experienced significant economic growth due to its growing electronics market, industrial parks, and infrastructure improvements. The CBD will focus on strengthening sales and business services as well as high-end industries. According to the12th Five-Year Plan, an ecological tourism area, a development zone for emerging industries, and an education and service cluster will be established in the area.


Chaoyang District

Chaoyang district has attracted thousands of foreign companies and organizations, with 60 percent of Beijing’s foreign companies and 90 percent of foreign organizations registered in Chaoyang, among them two-thirds of the world’s top 500 companies. The district also hosts the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and three embassy areas composed of some 150 embassies. The Olympic Park in Chaoyang district was the heart of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It is located north of the city and covers 12.15 square kilometers. The Olympic Forest Park is in the north. 14 stadiums, the Olympic Village,  the  Media  Center,  the  International Radio and TV Center, the National Sports Museum, the China International  Exhibition Center and the National Olympic Sports Center, also known as the "Birds Nest" are located in the south. The iconic Water Cube, where Michael Phelps won his eight Olympic gold medals, is also close by.

Beijing Economic – Technological Development Area

Also known as Yizhuang Development Zone, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area is located in the northeast of Daxing District. The zone was constructed in 1992 but was not officially recognised as a national economic and technological development zone by the State Council until 1994. The zone covers a total of 46.8km2.and by 2012 there were over 4800 investors from more than 30 different countries and regions investing in the area. These included people from major companies such as Nokia, Mercedes, GE and Bayer.

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park

In May 1988, the State Council officially recognised Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park to be a national high-tech production development zone (高新技术产业开发区). Located in Haidian district, the park covers an area of 217 km2. Tsinghua and Peking University as well as 39 other universities and colleges are located in the park. The park is also home to 42 laboratories and 213 scientific research organs.

Zhongguancun Software Park

Situated in the northeastern part of Haidian District, the Zhongguancun Software Park covers an area of 139 hectares. The park is divided into the commercial district and the natural research and development area. By June 2010, there were already over 100 enterprises investing in the park including the Chinese equivalent of Google, “Baidu.” 


  • American Chamber of Commerce
    China Resources Building, Suite 1903, 8 Jianguomenbei Avenue, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6595 9252
  • Australian Chamber of Commerce
    Hong Kong Macau Centre, Office Tower, 10/F, Chaoyangmenbei Dajie, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6595 9252
    Website: http://
  • Benelux Chamber of Commerce
  • British Chamber of Commerce
    The British Centre Room 1001, China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Ave., Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8525 1111
  • Canada China Business Council
    CITIC Building, #18-02, 19 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8526 1820
  • China Britain Business Council (CBBC)
    The British Center Room 1001, China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Ave., Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8525 1111
  • China-Italy Chamber of Commerce
    Unit 1612, Zhongyu Plaza A6, Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6467 5748
  • EU Chamber of Commerce
    Beijing Lufthansa Center, Office C412, 50 Liangmaqiao Road,Beijing,
    Tel: (10) 6462 2065
  • Finland Trade and Technology Center
    Embassy of Finland, Kerry Centre, South Tower, Level 14, 1 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8529 8625
  • French Chamber of Commerce
    Novotel Xinqiao Beijing, Area B, 6/F, 2 Dongjiaominxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6512 1740
    Website: http://
  • German Chamber of Commerce
    Landmark Tower 2, #0811, 8 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6590 0926
  • HK Chamber of Commerce
    Bright China Chang’an Building, Tower 2, #918, 7 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6510 1583
  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Chang Fu Center Office Bldg., 104, Jia-26, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6513 0829
  • Korean Chamber of Commerce
    Goldenland, #1222, 32 Liangmaqiao Lu, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6464 3481
  • Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Spanish Chamber of Commerce
    B-208, No 5 Xi Wu Jie, Sanlitun, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6462 8963
  • Swiss Chamber of Commerce
    20th Floor, Star City Tower C, 10 Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6432 2020
  • Asia Hotel Beijing
    No. 8 Xinzhong Xijie, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6500 7788
    Fax: (10) 6500 8001
  • Capital Hotel
    3 Qian Men East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5815 9988
    Fax: (10) 6512 0309
  • Celebrity International Grand Hotel
    No.99, Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5865 1166
    Fax: (10) 6496 2522
  • China Resources Hotel
    35 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5138 5555
  • Courtyard Beijing Northeast Hotel
    No 101 Jingshun Road, Chaoyang District
    Tel: (10) 59076660
    Fax: (10) 59076655
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel International Airport
    No. 60 Fuqian 1 Street, Tianzhu Shunyi District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 58108888
    Fax: (10) 58101188
  • Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou
    No.8 Beichen East Road, Huixin Plaza, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8498 2288
    Fax: (10) 6332 4281
  • Crowne Plaza Zhongguancun
    Room 1102, No.106 Zhi Chun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 59825888
  • Cyber Mode Service Apartment Hotel
    No 2, South street, Zhonggucun, Haidian District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6432 9999
    Fax: (10) 6588 2160
  • Days Hotel&Suites Beijing
    27 Hua Wei Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6773 1234
    Fax: (10) 6773 3456
  • Fragrant Hill Golden Resources Commerce Hotel Beijing
    No. 59 North Zheng Huang Qi, Haidian District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6286 8888
    Fax: (10) 6259 5959
  • Gloria Plaza Hotel Beijing
    2 Nanda Jie, Jian Guo Men, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 65158855*2843
    Fax: (10) 65158530
  • Great Wall Sheraton
    10 Dongshanhuan Bei Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6590 5566
  • Hilton Hotel
    1 Wangfujing East Street, Dongcheng
    Tel: (10) 5817 7766
  • Holiday Inn Central Plaza
    No.1 Caiyuan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8397 0088
  • Intercontinental Beijing Financial Street
    No.11, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5852 5888
    Fax: (10) 6655 3199
  • JW Marriott Hotel Beijing
    No. 83 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5908 6688
    Fax: (10) 5908 6699
  • Kempinski Hotel Beijing, Lufthansa Centre
    50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6465 3388
    Fax: (10) 6465 3366
  • Nirvana Resort Beijing
    Dao Xiang Hu Natural Park in the north of Haidian District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5128 6388
    Fax: (10) 5165 4115
  • Raffles Hotel Beijing
    No. 33 East Chang An Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6526 3388
    Fax: (10) 8500 4380
  • Sariz International Hotel
    The Gate Building No.19 Zhongguancun Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 8248 8866
    Fax: (10) 8248 6100
  • Shangri-La China World
    1 Jianguomenwau Avenue, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6505 2266
  • The Ascott Beijing
    No 108B Jian Guo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 65678100
    Fax: (10) 65678122
  • The Westin Beijing
    No. 9 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 6606 7802
    Fax: (10) 6590 0801
  • Zhongyu Century Grand Hotel
    No. 61, Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Tel: (10) 5816 3388
    Fax: (10) 5816 3389