Located on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province. It serves as an important hub for communications in Northern China. Dalian’s seaport is the largest in northeast China and the city has strong trade and tourism industries. Due to its superb geographical location, Dalian has historically been used by foreign powers for its port. As one of the most heavily developed industrial areas in China, Dalian has many different industries capable of manufacturing a wide range of goods. 

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  • Area: 13,237 km2
  • Population: 5,910,000
  • GDP: USD 123,117 million


  • Primary industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 45,140 million (6.4 percent)
  • Secondary industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 363,480million (51.9 percent)
  • Tertiary industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 291,670 million (41.6 percent)
  • Total: RMB 700,290 million
  • Total retail sales of consumer goods: RMB 222,404,830 million
  • Total value of imports and exports: USD 64,113,420 million
  • Fixed investment: RMB 565,409,650 million

Source: China 2013 Statistical Yearbook (uses 2012 statistics)


  • Minimum monthly wage: RMB 1,300
  • Minimum hourly wage: RMB 13
  • Avg. annual wage of staff and workers: RMB 54,820
  • Average Monthly Housing Price (Rent): RMB 33.84/ m2
  • Average Monthly Housing Price (Purchase): RMB 10,341/m2

Sources: Local Labor Bureau and Social Insurance Bureau (2014)


Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is located in Ganjingzi District, about 10km northwest of the city center. There is also a new airport located in Jinzhou Bay currently other construction named Dalian New Airport. The new airport is part of China’s overall strategic development plan and is set to change Dalian into an important “international shipping center” and an “international logistics center” for Northeast Asia.


The Port of Dalian lies at the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula at the entrance of Bohai Bay. It is in close proximity to major international shipping routes, which puts it in a strategic position for shipping companies. The Port of Dalian is also the northernmost port in China that does not freeze over in the winter months, allowing it to operate throughout the year. Furthermore, it is the largest multi-purpose port in Northeast China serving the seaports of Northern Asia, East Asia and the Pacific Rim. The Port of Dalian is the first shipping company in China to be listed on both the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.


The city has 2 railway stations, Dalian Railway Station and Dalian North Railway Station. Dalian´s location means that for train journeys to cities outside of China’s northeastern region, it is necessary to change trains in Shanghai or Beijing. Dalian North Train Station provides high speed rail services to and from the city.


The Dalian Expressway extends for 244 kilometers and links Dalian with Shenyang, Beijing, Changchun and Harbin. Another expressway runs to Dandong in the east. The predominant mode of transport in Dalian is the public bus with most services running at regular intervals from early in the morning to late in the evening. Dalian’s public transport network also includes a tram system that adds to the city’s character.


The Dalian Metro or Dalian Rapid Transit is an elevated rapid transit system which opened on May 1, 2003. The system currently in operation consists of 3 lines. Two additional lines are under construction and are due to be completed by the end of 2014. 

Dalian is the base for maritime projects and the construction of large ships in China. It is also China´s center for manufacturing digital audio visual products and exporting machinery. Furthermore, it is well-known for its international software and petroleum industry.

In 2013, Dalian’s GDP was over 123,116,673,600 USD and is growing at an annual rate of 9%. The city’s primary industry contributed 7,685,539,200 USD and its secondary industry RMB 62,630,064,000 USD. The remaining 52,801,070,400 USD came from the service sector. The industrial sector plays a vital role in the city’s rapid economic growth as the city’s gross industrial output reached 55,333,951,200 USD in 2013.

Dalian is also a popular tourist destination in China with a famous summer resort, beautiful scenery and a pleasant environment. Tourism brought in close to 14,495,673,600 USD in 2013 with over 53,300,000 domestic and foreign visitors.

Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone

Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone was one of the first national economic and technological development zones to be set up in China. A few of the main industries operating in the zone include the electronics, mechanical and petrochemicals industry.

Dalian High Tech Industrial Zone

Dalian High Tech Industrial Zone has more than 2,300 registered companies and over 800 of these companies are international. In recent years, its growth rate has rapidly increased, particularly among companies engaged in software, information services, media and digital entertainment.

Dalian Free Trade Zone

The Northeast Asia International Shipping Center and Logistics Center now operates mostly in the Dalian Free Trade Zone due to its easy port access, international logistics, free trade policy, collection & distribution system, etc. The Free Trade Zone also contains major industries such as in the manufacturing industry which focuses on electronics, machinery, plastics and home appliances; the trade industry, which focuses on automobiles and petroleum; and related logistics and warehousing industries.

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