Shenyang Map

One of the important industrial centres in China Shenyang is located in centre of Liaoning Province and is the capital of the Province. The city is only 500 km from the North Korea border and is close to the Russian trade routes in the north.

Shenyang is the most important city in Northeast China because of his strong economy, which includes five main industries. These are cars and automotive components, building products, agricultural product processing, chemical product manufacturing, and steel and non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling. Other essential part of the industry is aircraft, machine tools, electronics, textiles, pharmaceutical as well as light industrial products.

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  • Population: 8,260,000
  • Area: 13,308 km2
  • GDP: USD 116,205 miilion 

Source: China 2014 Statistical Yearbook (uses 2013 statistics)


  • Primary Industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 15,020 million (4.8 percent)
  • Secondary Industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 331,520 million (51.2 percent)
  • Tertiary Industry (percentage of GDP): RMB 290,420 million (44.0 percent)
  • Total: RMB 660,260 million
  • Total retail sales of consumer goods: RMB 280,220.20 million
  • Total value of imports and exports: USD 12,748.27 million
  • Fixed Investment: RMB 564,339 million

Source: China 2014 Statistical Yearbook (uses 2013 statistics)


  • Minimum monthly wage: RMb 1,100
  • Minimum hourly wage: RMB 11
  • Avg. annual wage of staff and workers: RMB 49,900
  • Avg. montly housing price (purchase): 7,096/m2
  • Avg. montly housing price (rent): 21,19/m2
  • Cost of Living: Average 

Sources: Local Labor Bureau and Social Insurance Bureau (2013)


Taoxian International Airport is located 20km from Shenyang and is one of the biggest Airports in North China. Main Airlines based on the Airport is China Southern Airline with departures to 13 different cities however also Shenzhen, Spring, Sichuan, Hainan and Shandong Airlines are among the busiest in Taoxian. Three Terminals and a huge area for departure and arrival shows, how important the airport for the area is.


Shenyang has access to Two major ports. The Yingkou Port is 166 km from Shenyang and the Dalian Port is about 350 km from Shenyang. Due to Dalians reputation as the largest port in the northeast, most exports from Shenyang are going through Dalian Port.


Shenyang is a major railway hub and is where the lines connecting Shenhaiguan, Dalian, Dandong, Changchun und Harbin all come together. There are also direct rail links to North Korea, Mongolia and Russia. Beijng-Shenyang High-Speed Railway is under construction.


Shenyang is connected by the important Jing-Shen Expressway to Beijing, some 650 km away. Furthermore the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway makes driving between the two cities in only four hour.


Since September 2010, the Shenyang subway is operating. Construction is difficult because Shenyang is built on granit-rich bedrock. However now two lines are operating now and extension are planned. 

Shenyang is seen to be one of the most attractive cities in Northern China for investments, due to his stable growth and reputation as the economical , cultural , communication ,trade and commercial hub of the Northeastern region of China. The focus on Shenyang is in heavy industry, particularly aerospace, machine tools, heavy equipment and defence, and recently on software, automotive and electronics. Major investors are Neusoft, LG and Tsinghua Tongfang. In 2013, the total industrial output value hit RMB 95 billion.

Especially automotive-industry is one of the key industries in Shenyang and attracts many foreign car manufactures, there are more than 120 auto & auto-parts manufacturers are in the city located.  BMW settled to Shenyang, and also Brilliance Auto, Chinese major Automobile manufacture has his headquarter in Shenyang, as well as GM, Toyota, Mitsubishi and more. Furthermore the city is seen as a “Equipping department of the P.R.C”, because more than 44 of 77 types of equipment products is manufactured here.

The service sector, especially banking, is expanding and many banks, local and foreign as well as non-bank financial institutions are located in Shenyang.

Shenyang exports are mostly mechanical equipment (over 50%) and high tech products (nearly 21) to the customer mainly in US, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Russia, Republic of Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Imported products are Machinery, electronic equipment and components, fertilizers, raw materials and chemicals from Japan, Korea, US, Indonesia and Hong Kong. 

Tiexi New Area:

The first factories were built in Tiexi district and is still the most important Area for industry. It is locates in Midwest part of Shenyang. The District is divided into the Economic and Technological Development Area and the Tiexi District, whereas Tiexi is focused on the modern business, developing service trade and real estate.

Shenyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone:

The construction began in 1991 and finished in October 2001 and was formerly the Shenyang Hunnan New District and is located in southwest of Shenyang. It has a land area of 27.5 km2 and focuses on Information technology, advanced manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals and new materials. Major investors are Neusoft, LG, Tsinghua Tongfang, Mitsubishi and over 30 fortune 500 enterprises.

The development Zone includes also the Shenyang Cross-strait Technological Park which focuses on software, computer equipment, communication equipment, automation technology, bioengineering, medicine, electronics, photo electronics, new materials, and environmental protection technology.

Advantages are the great talent reserve in Shenyang, plenty of land and a steady supply of power and water as well as Shenyang HIDZ is adjacent to Shenyang International Airport.

Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Area:

The Zone is 13,18 km2 huge and attracts many foreign investors. Well known companies like BASF, Daimler Chrysler and other local Chinese companies like Northern Heavy Industries, Shenyang Chemicals etc. invested here. Equipment manufacturing, automobiles, auto-parts, chemicals, medicine, new materials, infrastructure construction and bioengineering are the main Industries. FDI in year 2013 was 558 million US$ and the GDP of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Area reached 59, 78 billion RMB.

Shenyang Export Processing Zone:

Focussed Industries are electronics, information technology, advanced manufacturing, new materials and bio-pharmaceuticals. The development zone was launched in 2003 and has a area of 0.686 km2, however 3 km2 is planned and is located in Shenyang downtown area.

Shenyang Agricultural Zone:

Established in 2001 with the help of the Shenyang CCP and Municipal Government, this zone is being developed to create and industrialize new high-tech agricultural products and processes, and environmentally friendly cyclical agriculture. Located in the suburbs east of the downtown area, natural resources in the zone include a cultivated land area, a forest, a wetland and orchards.

Shenyang European Union Economic-Technical Development Zone:  

The Shenyang EU Economic Development Zone is a new project conceived by the Shenyang Municipal Government and located in the northeast part of Shenyang, 15 kilometers from the central business district. It covers an area of 12 sq. km, 5 sq. km of which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. This is the first development zone to focus on providing facilities for companies investing from the European Union. Capitalizing on the existing presence of large European manufacturers like Michelin and BMW, the park aims to build the best automobile electronic parts and advanced equipment manufacturing base in the north of China. It is expected that the manufacturing of vehicle parts will take up 8 to 10 sq. km of the space in the development zone. In 2013 the development zone had a gross regional product of 6,72 billion dollar (42,1 billionRMB) a revenue of 979 million USD (6,12 Billion RMB) FID of 2,50 billion USD(15,65 billion RMB) foreign investment of 253millionUSD (1,58 billion RMB) and exports of 185 million USD (1,16 billion RMB). Main Industries are Automobile Production/Assembly, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Industry, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Research and Development, Telecommunications Equipment.

Special tax- benefits are granted to the Shenyang European Union Economic/Technical Development Zone. These are only for investments with a large-scale of investment and contributing significantly to the local economy, a competitive low price may be granted for the land transfer and for investors who want to lease a factory, and rent can be exempted for the first year and reduced by 50 percent for the second year

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