ASEM Meeting Concludes, Consensus on Crisis Reached

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Oct. 26 – The two-day 7th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) concluded in Beijing on Saturday, with participants reaching a consensus on the global financial crisis and other issues.

The meeting, attended by leaders and representatives from 45 Asian and European nations and organizations, realized its expected goal and was a great success, state media reported Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao as saying in his closing speech.

As one of the most fruitful achievements, a statement of the 7th ASEM on the international financial situation was adopted at the meeting.

“Leaders believed that authorities of all countries should demonstrate vision and resolution and take firm, decisive and effective measures in a responsible and timely manner to rise to the challenge of the financial crisis,” said the statement.

The international community should continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation and take effective and available economic and financial measures in a comprehensive way to restore market confidence, stabilize global financial markets and promote global economic growth, it said.

According to the document, leaders supported the convening of an international summit on November 15 in the United States to address the current crisis and principles of reform of the international financial system.

The summit also adopted a declaration on sustainable development.
“The adoption of various cooperation proposals shows and proves again the interior impetus for strengthening dialogue at the ASEM and great potential for extending cooperation,” Wen said.