China’s Wine Market Outlook: Trends and Opportunities


China’s wine market, with new trends and shifting consumption patterns, present opportunities for foreign wine producers and exporters.

Navigating China’s Evolving Approach to Human Genetic Resources: Insights on Regulatory Changes


China has transferred the management of human genetic resources to the National Health Commission, aiming to streamline regulations and foster biotech innovation by balancing oversight and reducing bureaucratic burdens. This shift is expected to enhance international collaboration, attract foreign investment, and expedite drug development in China.

China’s Chocolate Market – Trends and Industry Overview


New trends and shifting consumption dynamics in China’s chocolate market present numerous opportunities for foreign businesses and investors.

Understanding the Relaunched China Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) Program: Potential Opportunities for Foreign Companies


We note key aspects of the Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) Program relaunched by China and investment prospects for foreign stakeholders.

New Business Prospects in China’s Waste Recycling Market


We discuss how establishing a waste recycling system is aligned with China’s broader conservation strategy and push for a circular economy.

China’s New Measures to Support Foreign Investment in Sci-tech Firms


China seeks to attract sci-tech foreign investment by relaxing rules, fostering partnerships, and enhancing the investment climate.

Key Considerations for Entering China’s Healthcare Market


The healthcare market in China presents an alluring opportunity for global investors, but it is highly regulated and fiercely competitive. We discuss key business prospects and strategic considerations for foreign investors.

Hong Kong’s Cosmetics and Skincare Market – Trends and Industry Overview


The Hong Kong skincare market is dominated by international trade, while new trends in bespoke product formula, emphasis on ‘clean beauty’, and online commerce present emerging opportunities.

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