China’s Cosmetics and Personal Care Market: Key Trends and Business Outlook


China is now the world’s second-largest cosmetics and personal care market and leads regional growth in Asia. We delve into the key drivers building up China’s beauty and personal care sector and the business scope for foreign brands.

Business Opportunities for Foreign Brands in the Children’s Snacks Industry in China


The children’s snacks industry in China is rapidly growing as per capita incomes rise and parents focus more on nutrition and health. In this industry profile, we discuss product trends, prospects for foreign brands, government regulation, and FDI access.

China’s Vocational Training Industry: Opportunities for Foreign Investment


We discuss how government policies and regulations are opening doors for FDI in the vocational training industry in China.

China Household Appliances Market: Consumption Trends, Policy Support, and Investment Opportunities


The State Council recently approved a series of measures targeted at boosting the consumption of China’s household appliances market. We discuss how these translate for foreign stakeholders.

Unlocking China’s Elderly Market: Tapping into the Power of the ‘Silver Economy’


We discuss growth and foreign investment opportunities in China’s silver economy – that covers industries and services catering to its aging population – as well as state policy and support measures.

China Considers Extending its EV Subsidies to 2023 (updated)


China EV subsidies could be extended if the government considers it necessary to stimulate the market, besides tackling slow growth in the auto industry.

Electrifying the Road Ahead: Unlocking China’s EV Charger Industry Potential


China is the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market and its EV charger industry holds immense potential for foreign investors.

Powering the Future: Investing in China’s Photovoltaic Industry


We discuss the strategic advantages and investment opportunities in China’s photovoltaic (PV) industry, which leads global installed capacity and manufacturing capabilities.

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