China’s New Draft Regulations for After-School Tutoring


China’s Ministry of Education unveiled a new set of draft regulations aimed at reforming the after-school tutoring industry. These regulations clarify various aspects of after-school tutoring, from licensing and scheduling to pricing and penalties.

China’s Gaming Industry: Trends and Regulatory Outlook 2024


We discuss why China’s gaming industry is a global powerhouse despite regulatory interventions, boasting growth in revenue and market share.

China’s Education Sector: Latest Trends and Policies


We analyze key developments in China’s education sector after the double reduction policy to limit homework and after-school tutoring.

Investing in China’s Anti-Aging Market: Trends and Opportunities


We discuss business prospects in the dynamic anti-aging market in China, which covers various product segments as well as medical and aesthetic treatments, and is popular among all age groups.

China’s Futuristic Industries: Investment Prospects in the Emerging Low-Altitude Economy


We look at the investment outlook of China’s emerging low-altitude economy, which is benefiting from enabling government policies, evolving regulatory frameworks, and regional incentives for companies engaged in this sector.

Navigating Hong Kong’s ESG Landscape: Regulations, Trends, and Opportunities


Hong Kong, positioned at the crossroads of finance and sustainability, emerges as a key player in the global ESG landscape. With robust regulatory frameworks, strategic green finance initiatives, and a surge in demand for ESG expertise, Hong Kong offers a vibrant ecosystem for sustainable finance.

China’s Medical Beauty Industry: Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities


China’s medical beauty market has emerged as a standout sector amid global economic challenges, exhibiting remarkable growth and resilience. Fueled by capital influx and a well-defined industrial chain, the industry has become a focal point for consumption growth within the broader beauty and healthcare sectors, offering an array of opportunities for foreign businesses and investors.

Understanding China’s New-Type Industrialization: An Explainer


We discuss why China’s new-type industrialization thrust is an opportune time for foreign businesses and investors looking to expand their presence in the Chinese market.

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