China Releases Three-Year Action Plan for Metaverse Industry Development


China unveiled a new metaverse action plan aimed at boosting economic growth, job creation, and innovation through intelligence technologies. We’ll explore the plan’s key points and its potential impact on China’s economy and businesses.

Entering China’s Infant Formula Market: Regulations, Opportunities, and Challenges


China’s infant formula market is expanding thanks to a growing middle class, declining breastfeeding rates, and evolving policies. In this article, we explore strategies for foreign companies to enter and thrive in this market.

Hong Kong’s Data Center Sector: Industry and Regulatory Landscape


Hong Kong’s thriving data center market offers myriad opportunities for investors looking to tap into the rising demand.

China’s Data Center Sector: Industry and Regulatory Insights


China’s data center ecosystem is largely contributing to the country’s rapid rise as a global technology powerhouse. This article explores the catalyst factors behind its remarkable growth, influential players in the ecosystem, and key regulatory frameworks.

China’s Tourism Sector Prospects in 2023-24


Amid the post-pandemic recovery, China’s tourism sector is coming back strong in 2023. We discuss the resurgence of outbound and domestic travel, evolving traveler preferences, and latest trends.

Exporting Food Products to China: A Step by Step Guide


Read our updated step by step guide to exporting food products to China to safeguard your business against the risk of having products returned or destroyed.

China’s Health Foods Market: What Makes it Attractive for Foreign Investors


China’s health foods market is benefiting from rising disposable incomes among local consumers who are willing to spend more on foreign products.

China’s Electric Vehicle Supply Chain and Its Future Prospects


We discuss the investment prospects in China’s electric vehicle supply chain—across upstream, midstream, and downstream stages of production—amid government incentives, technology advancements, and fierce competition for cost-efficiency and market access.

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