Asia Briefing Releases New Guide to China’s Neighbors

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Sept. 23 – Asia Briefing has just released the second edition of its regional guide “China’s Neighbors” – offering business-minded individuals a look at the geopolitical, social, and economic ties between China and its various neighbors.

Included in this 66-page guide is a look at China’s complex relationships with its 14 neighboring countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam.

This book presents a basic economic overview of each respective country and commentary on the country’s relationship with China – economic, political and otherwise. An excellent resource for the China-watcher hoping for a broad 360-degree, cross-border understanding of the country.

China’s Neighbors (Second Edition)” is available for immediate PDF download on the Asia Briefing Bookstore, priced at US$40. Excerpts from the guide are also available prior to purchase.


  • Afghanistan – A place in between
  • Bhutan – A changing country eyes China with caution
  • India – Rivals and partners
  • Kazakhstan – Trade and oil: Central Asia at stake
  • Kyrgyzstan – A leadership role in Central Asia
  • Laos – Southeast Asia’s poorest gain access to consumer goods
  • Myanmar – China’s Burmese days
  • Mongolia – Eyeing the vast resources of a northern neighbor
  • Nepal – A foothold in South Asia
  • North Korea – Aid, ideology, and atomic bombs
  • Pakistan – An enduring alliance
  • Russia – Partners and competitors
  • Tajikistan – Investing in stability
  • Vietnam – Paving the way for development

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