Beijing Raises Minimum Wage

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BEIJING, Jun. 22 – The Beijing municipal government has raised the monthly minimum wage in the city to RMB960, effective from July 1.

The notice, issued June 4, raises the monthly minimum wage to RMB960, up from RMB800, and the hourly minimum wage to RMB5.5, up from RMB4.6.

Furthermore, the notice stipulates that social security fees, housing funds, overtime wages, allowances or subsidies for meals, transportation and housing for working in special work environments, or conditions such as night shifts, high temperatures, or working underground should not be regarded as components of standard minimum wage.

The part-time hourly minimum wage was raised from RMB9.6 to RMB11, during national holidays the minimum hourly wage was increased from RMB22 to RMB25.7.

The notice was implemented in accordance with the “Green Beijing” concept which aims to maintain social stability and promote economic development.

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