Beijing Reintroduces Car Restrictions in Light of Popular Support

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BEIJING, Sept. 29 – The Beijing government has announced that the vehicle usage restrictions that were widely enforced during the Olympics period will be reintroduced in a modified format from October 11 this year until April 10, 2009, from 6am to 9pm daily.

Restrictions will be Monday-Friday, as follows, as per the last number of vehicle license plates:

Road ban on private cars:
Monday: 1 and 6
Tuesday: 2 and 7
Wednesday: 3 and 8
Thursday: 4 and 9
Friday: 5 and 0

‘on-essential government vehicles face restrictions covering 30 percent of normal usage, while essential vehicles, buses and taxis will not be affected. The moves are expected to take more than 20 percent of Beijing’s traffic off the streets permanently and may be introduced in other Chinese cities if successful. The move comes as overwhelming public support for a continuation of the Olympics vehicle use ban has pushed the city to consider reintroducing the restrictions. China’s cities face increasing pollution and gridlock issues as affluence amongst citizens continues to increase city traffic.

Beijing enjoyed vastly improved air quality this summer and a noticeable downturn in traffic volume due to the restrictions during the Olympics. The result of the restrictions is that now, most residents are requesting blue skies ahead of personal transportation luxury. The government has been swift to note this and take appropriate action as it tries to improve public transport and make cities more pleasant places to live and work.