Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence, #21

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Welcome to this week’s issue of China Briefing’s Belt & Road Initiative Weekly Investor Intelligence round up.

In this week’s edition, we examine rapid changes within Asia that are leading it to develop into distinct blocs with differing trade and culture characteristics. Obtaining a Return on Investment from infrastructure projects is always a big issue – we look at how China intends to claw back re-usable capital from the BRI. The Pakistan CPEC part of the Belt & Road is now becoming productive, and we examine a new healthcare manufacturing SEZ set up in the country. Finally, we take an underwater trip to see how China has become one of the world’s largest undersea cable layers as part of the Digital Belt & Road.

Rethinking Asia’s Orbits 2021

With continuing geo-political tensions between the United States and China, the development of China’s Belt & Road, an alignment between China and Russia, and new regional free trade agreements and investment flows emerging, the Asian region is starting to go through numerous dynamic changes.

China to Use REITS to Cash Out Belt & Road Infrastructure Projects

Assets to be listed and sold as tradeable equities with funds to be reinvested in digital economy and trade. Specific regions of China to be prioritized with trade expected to become a US$300-750 billion market within a decade.

China’s Belt and Road & Beyond: All the Latest Global Media Coverage

All the latest Belt & Road Initiative media coverage from around the world.

Pakistan Opens Healthcare SEZ’s in North Punjab

Chakwal is located equidistant between Islamabad and Lahore and provides tax incentives for domestic and export production for healthcare in Central Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Major Chinese manufacturing investment pouring in.

China’s Digital Fiber-Optic Belt & Road

While a great deal of China’s Belt & Road Initiative infrastructure can be seen, with port developments, roads and railways being built, one of the more impressive, far-reaching, and little noticed infrastructure builds is that China has become a leading submarine cable provider. Within the “Made in China 2025” plan, China stated its plans to capture 60 percent of the global fiber optic market.

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