Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #82

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This week we have two complimentary ‘doing business’ magazines for you, outlining Singapore opportunities, and Vietnam’s tax administration, while we look at the current foreign invested business confidence in China and examine why the country keeps being written off by the West. An enlarged BRICS grouping, possibly to rival the G20 is being planned, while in India we look at what new expatriates can expect, and have interviews with how business was successfully established and integrated there from our own Dezan Shira & Associates. We finish with the latest developments across European-Asian geopolitics and supply chains and our usual BRI global news round up.   


An Introduction to Doing Business in Singapore 2022 – New Complimentary Publication 

With its favorable taxation policies and strategic position within Southeast Asia, Singapore offers foreign investors competitive and unprecedented access to the Asian market.  

Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam 2022 – New Complimentary Publication 

A strong understanding of tax liabilities enables foreign investors to maximize the tax efficiency of their investments while ensuring full compliance with all tax laws and regulations.    


China Business Sentiment Surveys: Foreign Companies Remain Committed Despite Headwinds 

Company surveys conducted by foreign chambers of commerce in China have shown that while business confidence is shaken by the recent disruptions, most foreign companies still view the country to be an essential market, key to global competitiveness. 

China And Other Foreign Ministers Hold BRICS+ Expansion Discussions 

An online meeting of potential BRICS+ Foreign Ministers was held last Friday (May 20) in which the FMs of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) were joined by the FMs or representatives from Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Thailand.  

The West Keeps Writing Off China. But China Today Is Not About The West 

Beijing’s influence is being aligned with Moscow and New Delhi as Washington and Brussels begin to slip away.   


How Dezan Shira Moved Out Of China To India To Develop As An Asian, as Well As China Advisory & Consultancy Practice 

Interviews with Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Rohit Kapur, and Manjeet Kripalani about the implications of the firm’s move to break the China mould and expand elsewhere into Asia. 

Key Considerations for Expatriates Planning to Work in India 

This article discusses the types of jobs open to foreign nationals, local living conditions and related concerns, the taxation regime and reporting requirements, and access to social security, and holds value for foreign hiring managers as well.  

Eurasia’s Shifting Supply Chains   

Russia’s Ukraine Objectives Have Become Clear – Control Of The Black Sea 

If successful, Russia would effectively control both northern and southern European supply chain routes to Asia.  

European-Asian Geopolitics – The Implications Of Shifting Supply Chains In Wake Of The Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Part Three: Kazakhstan To China 

Examining European Union-Central Asian market potential and new supply chain routes through to China via Kazakhstan as new EU-Central Asian trade agreements take effect.   

Belt & Road Initiative   

China’s Belt & Road And Beyond  

All the latest global headlines about China’s Belt & Road Initiative   

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