Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #83

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Supply chains continue to dominate the changing world of the BRI plus, with events shifting Asia closer to the European Union, including numerous ongoing developments in Central Asia to the borders with China. We look at the recent Chinese strategy in the South Pacific, which had caused such alarm in the West, and examine a new China-US route that has gone under the radar with China eying infrastructure in Argentina and Antarctica. We also give readers the opportunity to put questions to the various SPIEF panel sessions at next month’s important St.Petersburg economic forum.


No-One Has Noticed, But Asia Has Moved 9,000km West 

Russia’s Pivot to Asia and the EU’s Geopolitical Stance Has Shifted Asian Influence West to the Borders of Europe.

Eurasia’s Shifting Supply Chains    

SPIEF 2022 – What Do You Want To Know? 

Russia’s primary international economic forum takes place in June amongst the background of extraordinary events. We give you a front-row seat.

Thailand Wants To Increase Russia Bilateral Trade To US$10 Billion By 2023 

Bangkok is following the trend for ASEAN nations to establish Free Trade Agreements with the EAEU.

The Eurasian Economic Forum Kicks Off In Bishkek 

This year’s forum gains significance as Russia’s pivot to Asia and supply chain movements place Central Asia in the spotlight.

Tajikistan Pins National Sustainable Development Programme on Goods Transit 

A proposed China-Central Asian highway and rail links would revolutionize the Tajik economy and give China an overland link to the Middle East.

Russia – Mongolia Trade Up 30%, Looking To Expand 

Sergei Glaziyev, a member of the integration and macroeconomics panel of the Eurasian Economic Commission, has been speaking about bilateral trade relations between Russia and Mongolia at the “Russia-Mongolia: Partnership in the New Reality” forum, which is being held in Ulan-Ude, near the Mongolian border.

South Pacific  

China Drops South Pacific Security In Pacific Islands Dialogue To Concentrate On Trade 

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has been holding a meeting with Pacific Island leaders in Fiji where Chinese proposals to the grouping, which included Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Niue and Vanuatu had been based on a number of issues including regional security and trade. The security aspect has now been dropped.

Latin America  

China To Finance Development & Logistics Of Argentina’s Beagle Channel Around South America? 

With Argentina having joined China’s Belt & Road Initiative earlier this year, discussions are apparently taking place concerning the development of the Beagle Channel, an inland strip of water separating Argentina and Chile at the southern tip of South America. It is one of three main routes that allow shipping to navigate around the continent, which is notorious for poor shipping conditions.

Belt & Road Initiative    

China’s Belt & Road And Beyond   

All the latest global headlines about China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

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