Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #94

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This week we look at China’s east coast BRI Port of Lianyungang, which exclusively services Central Asia and has expanded operations to Uzbekistan, while looking at crypto developments in Iran and China’s massive Saudi energy deal. We explore two trade routes, the proposed China-Kyrgyz-Uzbek-Afghan railway, and India’s hopes for Iran’s Chabahar Port to the CIS, while discussing how Russian traders are getting around sanctions to service their consumer market. We offer readers the chance to ask questions at the upcoming Far Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok and complete this issue with our usual round up of global BRI news and opinion.

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East China’s Lianyungang Port Develops As A BRI Rail Hub For Connectivity Between Central & South-East Asia 

Jiangsu’s Lianyungang Port connects trade between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Japan, South Korea and Singapore.


The Far Eastern Economic Forum 2022: Q&A 

Readers are invited to pose questions at this important regional event, which takes on specific relevance this year in wake of the sanctions imposed upon Russia by the West.


Iran Makes First Multi-Million Dollar Imports Using Cryptocurrency 

Iran has imported goods worth US$10 million using payments in cryptocurrency for the first time. A National Cryptocurrency, backed by gold, is also under development.

China, Saudi Arabia Announce Massive Strategic Partnership Energy Agreement 

Links China’s Belt & Road Initiative with the Saudi Vision 2030 National Development Plan and bodes well for UAE based services and product suppliers.


China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Afghanistan Corridor Proposed 

Uzbekistan has proposed the launch of a new Central Asian “China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Afghanistan” transport corridor, which would link Afghanistan to South Asia and the INSTC.


India Wants Chabahar Port to be a Conduit for Trade to Central Asia, Russia 

India supports linking the Chabahar Port with the INSTC so it can become a transit hub for trade with countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Crisis, What Crisis? How Russian Consumers Have Shifted Their Purchases Away From Europe And Developed Their Own Replacements  

The ability of Russian consumers to purchase what they want, unhindered by the mechanisms of the West, looks as if it will remain secure – despite what people would wish others to believe.

Parallel Imports To Russia Could Reach US$16 Billion By Year End 

It is common for secondary operators in China, India, Iran, and Turkey among others to purchase goods and then resell them onto the Russian market, and the practice is growing.


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