Belt And Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #99

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Compiled by Chris Devonshire-Ellis

There’s plenty of activity in the Middle East as China steps up its BRI ambitions in the region, augmented by Russia. That has been consolidated with last week’s SCO heads of state summit, attended by all regional partners along with China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and India’s Narendra Modi. What is happening in the developing links between the Middle East and South Asia will define supply chains,  global trade and consumer preferences for decades to come.

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Middle East

Tax, Investment, and Trade Agreements Between Countries in the Middle East and China (Middle East Briefing)   

Israel-China Bilateral Trade and Investment Outlook (Middle East Briefing)  

Egypt & Qatar Join Shanghai Cooperation Organisation As ‘Dialogue Partners’ (Middle East Briefing)   

Opportunities for Saudi Businesses in Indonesia (ASEAN Briefing)   

Iran Planning Direct Railway Link From Tehran To Shanghai (Middle East Briefing)  

The UAE – Indonesia Trade Agreement: Benefits for UAE Based Exporters (Middle East Briefing)   

Central Asia

Turkmenistan-Russia Trade and Investment Summary (YTD) 2022 (Russia Briefing)   

Turkmenistan, UN To Establish Joint National Fund To Meet Development Goals (Silk Road Briefing) 

Xi Jinping Engages With Kazakhstan (Silk Road Briefing)   

The Pope Addresses The Heart Of The Belt & Road Initiative In Kazakhstan (Silk Road Briefing)   

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Heads Of State Summit, Samarkand (Silk Road Briefing)   

Uzbekistan Signs US$15 Billion Worth Of Agreements With China At SCO Summit (Silk Road Briefing) 

South Asia

Russia – India Trade Up 120% In 2022 (Russia Briefing)   

Russia To Resume Flights To Sri Lanka (Russia Briefing)   

Thailand’s Islamic Economy: Sourcing and Consumer Market Opportunities (ASEAN Briefing)   

Pravda Interview With Chris Devonshire-Ellis: “Russia’s Trade Relations With Asia are Improving Before Our Eyes” (Russia Briefing)  


Selling To China’s Muslims (Middle East Briefing)   


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