Belt & Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #96

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Compiled By Chris Devonshire-Ellis

The West’s sanctions on Russia continue to impact supply chains, with East Asia replacing most of the previous EU-sourced imports. Elsewhere, movements to de-dollarize are increasing, while significant trade corridors and repositioning of bilateral trade volumes are taking place. We track the winners and losers in the latest week of the Great Sanctions Game.

Russian Imports Up As East Asia Replaces EU Supplies (Russia Briefing)   

East Asia, especially China, is taking up Russia’s EU import losses, although it will take some time to cover all the bases.  

Bilateral Trade Between Türkiye And Kyrgyzstan Increases By 55% In H1 2022 (Silk Road Briefing)  

The Middle Corridor shows more impetus between Turkiye and Central Asian trade.

Turkmenistan To Officially Join The International North-South Transport Corridor (Silk Road Briefing)  

A long-awaited decision will allow better administrative and logistics planning between Turkmenistan, Russia and India.

Turkmenistan Signs Drilling Pipes Contract With China 

Turkmennebit’s SOE is to purchase 2,309 tons of drilling pipes of various sizes from China’s King Ease company. Türkmennebit is the national oil company of Turkmenistan, with its headquarters in Ashgabat.

Tatarstan Opens Up Trade Corridor With Iran (Russia Briefing)  

Russia’s republics are making their own moves to reach out to new markets.

Iran To Form Aircraft Maintenance Consortium With China, India & Russia (Silk Road Briefing)   

An aviation industry game-changer as four significant powers turn away from Airbus and Boeing.

Iran Re-Energizes The Kish Island Free Trade Zone (Silk Road Briefing)  

Kish Island is the Middle Easts third most visited destination. We explain why.

India And Russia Plan To Mutually Accept Each Other’s Debit & Credit Cards (Russia Briefing)  

More use of national currencies as the use of the US dollar declines due to sanctions.

Eurasian Economic Union Dedollarizes; Emphasis Now On Increasing Use Of Mutual Currencies & China Yuan Trade  

The US dollar is now only used in 21% of all intra-EAEU financial settlements.

Vladivostok Port Imports Up By 28,000 TEU a Month (Russia Briefing)  

Tying in with our top article, Vladivostok is re-energized as East Asian imports supplant those from the West.

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