Brits get rich in China

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Britain’s Channel 4 has a series running in the UK called “Brits Get Rich in China” which details the fortunes or otherwise of three UK entrepreneurs that try their luck in the Chinese market. The series has now shown up on YouTube and is becoming the talk of the China-centric blogosphere with varied blogs from Danwei to All Roads Lead to China picking up on it.

The series focuses on three British entrepreneurs who each come to the mainland for very different reasons: one is here to sell his invention to the Chinese market; one to set-up a factory to replace a now-defunct English one; and one is here to work out the quality control issues that have been plaguing his products sourced from China. All three are at times lucky, arrogant and naive. All three also provide a good example of what can be done, and more importantly, what should not be done when doing business on the mainland.

Ultimately it’s the complete lack of any due diligence, coupled with an immense arrogance that fails them, and they slip to ignominious fates. It’s a shame, because there is more than enough material and assistance out there – some of it, such as this entire site, being for free, so there is no excuse really for avoiding common sense advice and getting into these types of problems. Nonetheless, such people get caught out time and time again, and it’s not just the British who foul things up either.

However, the series as a shock horror type selection of mishaps and deceit does give a warning as to what can go horribly wrong and in this sense does it well. But it also misses the myriad of British businessmen in China who did get it right and are prosperous (Dezan Shira & Associates, for example, as well as the China Briefing brand are majority British owned, and there are many other examples) .

We’d like to hear your comments on the series, links to all seven episodes, which have just appeared on YouTube, are here. Enjoy!