Canton Fair revises registration regulations for foreigners

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GUANGZHOU, April 14 – According to the China Import and Export website, registration regulations for foreigners to attend the 103rd session of the annual Canton Fair have been revised.

In order for foreigners to register, a new five step process has been implemented in the attempt to make the Canton Fair a safe trading environment for all attendees according to information provided by the event’s organizers.

The new and updated procedure is as follows:

1. Overseas buyers should present original personal ID documents (including H.K./Macao Home-return Permit or I.D. Card, Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate, overseas passport, Overseas Permanent Residence Permit or a Chinese passport with overseas employment visa valid for over one year). Copies of personal documents are unacceptable.

2. Representatives from an overseas Company’s representative Office in China, must submit the following materials:

(1) Police clearance certificate issued by the police bureau of her/his permanent resident place;

(2) Invitation to an overseas company’s Chinese office issued by the Canton Fair;

(3) Applicants’ valid employee certificate issued by local bureaus of labor or foreign labor service companies;

(4) Applicants’ ID card and its copy, portrait photo and business card, etc.

Only once all of the materials have been checked by the Fair can applicants acquire the entry badge.

3. The authorities will stop issuing entry badges to foreign buyers’ Chinese representatives or assistants who have no invitation to the overseas Company’s Chinese office issued by the fair.

4. Overseas buyers who can not bring their own interpreters into the fair are to apply to the interpreter service center if necessary.

5. Buyers who have acquired badges should take passports or IDs with them for inspection inside the fair complexes.

The 2008 Canton Fair will take place in Guangzhou from April 15 – 20 and April 25-30. The fair covers an array of categories: industrial products, medicine, textiles and garments, consumer goods, and gifts. The 2007 fair attracted up to 201,583 visitors. This year’s fair expects to see at least 110,000 foreign guests along with150, 000 Chinese exhibitors.