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April 2024 Economic Roundup – Industrial Output and Foreign Trade Continue to Spur Recovery


Data for China’s economy in April 2024 shows strong supply-side performance and a rebound in foreign trade, while weak domestic demand persists.

EU Chamber Business Confidence Survey: Key Findings and Takeaways


The EU Chamber’s annual survey on business confidence in China for 2024 provides a snapshot of the current business sentiment among European companies.

China Fully Allows Visa-Free Entry for Foreign Tourist Groups on Cruise Ships


Starting May 15, 2024, foreign tourist groups traveling by cruise ships and organized by Chinese domestic travel agencies can enter China visa-free from ports in 13 cities and stay in eligible areas for 15 days.

France-China Relations: Trade, Investment, and Recent Developments


As French President Emmanuel Macron makes an official visit to China this week, we discuss the latest bilateral trade and investment data and key diplomatic developments between the two countries.

China’s New Tariff Law: Consolidating and Codifying Existing Tariff Regulations


China’s new Tariff Law consolidates prior rules on import and export duties and codifies measures for imposing counter-tariffs on imported goods.

China-United Arab Emirates (UAE): Bilateral Trade and Investment Outlook


China is among the UAE’s top commercial partners; both benefit from booming bilateral trade and investment cooperation on major BRI projects.

China Takes Top Spot on Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index 2024


China tops the Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index 2024, a report enabling investors to assess China’s strengths and weaknesses in the manufacturing sector within the broader Asia-Pacific context.

China-Germany Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment


The changing trade and investment relationship between China and Germany underscores emphasis on collaboration while navigating new challenges. We discuss how heightened industrial competition is reshaping vital sectors, prompting both countries to seek balance and adapt to evolving dynamics.

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