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Regional Demographic Trends in China: Birth Rates, Population Changes, and Domestic Migration


China’s population is shrinking, but not at the same rate in every region. We discuss the varying birth rates, aging populations, urbanization rates, and domestic migration patterns in China’s mainland provinces.

China and Ecuador Sign Free Trade Agreement


China and Ecuador have signed a free trade agreement, deepening trade ties between the two countries and further expanding China’s FTA network.

How to Get Your China Consulting Practice Compliant?


We provide advice for preparing for compliance and check visits by China’s PSB and other officials.

Dezan Shira & Associates Partners Meet For First Time in 3 Years


Dezan Shira & Associates main board equity partners were able to meet together at their Hong Kong office, after over three years, due to the pandemic.

Northbound Trading of the China-Hong Kong Swap Connect Launches May 15


Authorities in Mainland China and Hong Kong have announced the launch of northbound trading of the Swap Connect, enabling foreign investors to access the mainland’s IRS market.

Hong Kong’s New Incentives for Family Offices (Updated)


Amid Hong Kong’s rapid economic rebound, the government is trying to attract private wealth management firms for the industry.

2023 Labor Day Travel in China Recovers to Pre-Pandemic Levels


Travel during the 2023 Chinese Labor Day Holiday has rebounded to 2019 levels, marking the recovery of the domestic tourism industry.

China Issues Guidelines for Constructing the Western Science City


China is committed to the strategic development of its western region and has released an action plan for constructing the Western Science City in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle.

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