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Should manufacturers move inland to avoid processing trade restrictions?


By Andy Scott SHANGHAI, Sept. 11 – China’s new policy restricting processing trade, which took effect nationwide August 23, will most heavily impact Guangdong province. The booming Chinese economy, which has grown at over 10 percent for the last 15 years, has been largely driven by processing trade factories located in South China and the […]

China Briefing business guide books secondary market – US$273 a copy


China Briefing’s business guides are always best sellers (say us, blushing slightly), and dare we say it, excellent value for money. However, even the usually unflappable China Briefing editor was somewhat taken aback by the high prices our books are now commanding on third party vendor sites. A click here will reveal our “China Briefing Business […]

Event: Examining the online scene in China


Amcham Beijing is holding a seminar on September 19 at which Chris Devonshire-Ellis, founding partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and publisher of China Briefing, 2point6billion, India Briefing, China Expat and several books on China business law and tax will be speaking. The event details are as follows: Under the Digital Influence: Eight Experts Examine […]

The world’s chimney: A pollution crises looms in a land of big statistics


Much has been written lately about China’s environmental woes. From polluted lakes and rivers to air quality issues that are putting Olympic events in question, the spectacular growth the country has seen has resulted in a burgeoning environmental disaster. As Pan Yue, the vice minister for China’s State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) warned in 2005 […]

Manufacturers moving inland from Hangzhou as central province VAT reform kicks in


Textile manufacturers in and around Hangzhou, long one of the region’s pillar industries, are beginning to move their operations inland as China reduces the VAT burden in the central provinces. Beginning July 1, 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation reduced the VAT burden in eight sectors within 26 specified industrial […]

Establishing trading companies in China and obtaining import-export licenses


The new issue of the China Briefing monthly magazine is now up and online. It is an examination of the establishment of trading companies – otherwise known as “FICEs” (Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises) – with full details of the application procedures. The issue also explains the myriad of things that investors often forget – details […]

Source Code China – The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing


Aug. 28 – China Briefing doesn’t usually run book reviews, but on this occasion something has come our way that we feel is well worth a read, especially for those interested in IT outsourcing. “Source Code China – The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing,” a new book written by well known Beijing-based IT guru Cyrill […]

The almighty West and China, the fragile superpower


At last week’s China Briefing-sponsored symposium, “What China Communicates to the World,” James Fallows, international correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, had some interesting comments on both the nature of communication, as well as some of the problems that China and the Western world – and the United States in particular – have when dealing with […]

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