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Investing in Jiaxing: Industry, Economics, and Policy


Jiaxing has identified ‘new energy’, ‘new materials’, and ‘energy efficiency and environment protection’ as the core of shifting away from heavier manufacturing.

Ningbo: the City that Beat Hong Kong to be the World’s Fourth Busiest Port


As Ningbo overtook Hong Kong this year to be the fourth busiest port in the world, many foreign investors are turning their attention to this major manufacturing and shipping center. Apart from its traditional strength in producing electronics, the city is moving to solar panels as well.

The Shanghai and Guangdong Free Trade Zones: A Comparison


With Shanghai as the nation’s de facto financial center and Guangdong as one of the world’s major manufacturing and trading centers, both the Shanghai FTZ and Guangdong FTZ have caught the attention of foreign investors seeking to enter a more liberalized Chinese market. This article compares the two.

China Vamps Up Hangzhou’s E-Commerce Model


Hangzhou is an important center for e-commerce business in China, with more e-commerce transactions taking place in Hangzhou than any other city in China. It has over 470,000 online business entities and is home to e-commerce giant Alibaba. As of January 2015, there were over 1 million import transactions totaling RMB 230 million .

Shanghai: The Economic Nexus of China


Situated in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) in east China, Shanghai aims to be the world’s global financial and economic center and international transport hub by 2020. In this article, Rainy Yao from Dezan Shira & Associates takes a closer look at this modern metropolis with its well-developed infrastructure and sound investment environment

Case Study: Using the Shanghai FTZ to Access the Outbound Tourism Industry


A client in the tourism industry recently contacted Dezan Shira & Associates to advise them on how to best expand their scope of operations in the tourism industry. With the rise in income levels in China, outbound tourism has become one of the most profitable operations for travel agencies in China.

Cross-Border Forex Cash Pooling in the Shanghai FTZ


One often overlooked feature of the Shanghai FTZ is the unique advantages it affords foreign investors for transferring funds between their China domestic and overseas entities via two-way cash pooling, allowing them to deploy greater liquidity, more efficiently manage finances, or obtain a better deposit rate than in the revenue’s country of origin.

China Regulatory Brief: NOC Annual Reporting, China-Spain Trade Deals, New Measures for Domestic Delivery


In this week’s China Regulatory Brief, we discuss the coming implementation of an NOC annual reporting system, a swath of commercial deals signed last week between China and Spain, and liberalization of the domestic delivery industry in China.

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